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Ear Buddies Unsuitable for Adults

How the Media likes us all to Look attractive

Teasing can lead to bullying for school age children in these looks conscious times when much of our culture is lead by the media, there can be pressure to be attractive, this never more apparent than 11 to 17 years teens.

Television presenters and models in magazines are usually good looking and slim with perfect complexions and even a lack of spots and pimples is commonplace. This can make anyone especially younger adults and teens to worry about their attractiveness believing they should be as good looking as the Pop stars and film actors they see.

When young people are unhappy with the way others see them they want to wear hats or scarves to find a way to conceal their big ears believing this will make them more popular.

TV and all media forms do a great job of portraying people as being perfect in looks, height and having flawless beauty, this is often edited or airbrushed in some way. How many times have you heard someone say: he looks smaller in real life, or she seems fatter than on TV when they are seen at a book signing or on stage.

Home Otoplasty Ideas

Adult Ear Buddies
We are often asked about the use of Ear Buddies for teenagers and adults.

The simple answer is no. These little plastic devices are great for newborns and very young babies only as their ears tissue is very soft and pliable.

A Do-It-Yourself method to make your ears not protrude outwards and stick out. For best results you will need a friend to help you complete the process.

If you are disappointed by how other people see you or you need to be more attractive because of media type career or to fulfill a particular role or job position, then you have a valid reason to try to look nice and beautiful.
It's all about promotion of beauty to sell people what they want to look like, because all media has a vested interest to make the famous look nice and attractive to help sell more media copies, magazines,papers or more viewing on TV.

Don't be fooled and wear rose colored spectacles. If you are happy with how you look stop trying to impress others or copy your friends. Different people are different in many ways and if we all looked the same, then we may as well be robots.

Always choose the natural choice from your heart where it should come from and don't let yourself be influenced by bullies or those who detract you just for the sake of it.
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People are all different with or without stick-out ears
We all look different because of race, age and choice

Having stuck out ears only means you are individual, it is your choice to change the way you want to look, but only if your looks make you unhappy
No need to hide your ears under long hair
skicking out ears treatments at home