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The size of your ears are relevant to you and your size. If you could make yourself 10% taller your ears would look 10% smaller. It really is as simple as that and people can make themselves slightly taller with height increase, this makes big ears much less prominent. See here for more info Height Increase
Fix sticky out ear probelms
Ear correction - do you need it?

We recognized there is a specific need to help adults and teenagers seeking treatment for sticky-out ear problems, Many most people with prominent ears - sticky out, or big ears, adopt various tricks to avoid exposing their ears. This can mean having long hair to hide the ears and wearing balaclava type hats. This is often inappropriate in a professional setting.

Our non invasive method of treatment offers you a more natural appearance and boost to self-confidence.

We use a two step idea, both of which are simple and can be performed at home. One is for temporary use and is great for short term needs like attending interviews, parties and dating etc. Our permanent ear prominence reduction method will take only a few minutes to complete and will require wearing a head band for 2 to 3 weeks afterwards.

The national incidence of people with protruding or big ears and the effect on individuals is not known. More research is needed to provide better information about the condition before treatment in the public sector become widely available on non evasive treatments.

Often people believe that surgery is simple, but the risk of complications can sometimes result in ear deformities and even the loss of hearing. Of course all operations however small a procedure carry some degree of risk!
About Outsmart ear treatment
We offer two simple but effective methods to reduce stuck out ears, sometimes also called Bat ears. This is a self-help technique that you can use at home or work.

You will focus on improving your ear flatness, Ear Pinning, or Otoplasty and not the cause of having sticky-out ears.

You will enjoy greater happiness in daily living as you will feel more confident about the way other people see you. Being taken more seriously and not noticed as a Big-ears or Dumbo type anymore!

You will experience better all round sound reception too as your ears will be placed beside the head not pointing forwards as before. Making new opportunities for career and social lives.

People with stick out ears are known to be more ridiculed and seen as poor leaders, people with normal or usual ears tend to be more confident enabling them to negotiate a high salary and have good standards of living compared to how life was before their ear prominence was reduced.

Reduce sticky out ears without surgery

My ears stick out too much

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In the News July 2013

High powered optical zoom cameras are being fitted in Tokyo's railway carriage cars. Recent stats show that taunting of school children with noticeable sticking out ear problems is on the increase in Japan.

In an effort to catch bullies during the Kid's rush hour CCTV cameras will scan groups to find teenagers that have prominent ears. When passengers are teased, the offending culprits could face up to four months in prison or have imposed a fine of up to half a million Yen!

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Home treatment for jug ears
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