How to make ears not stick out
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Claudette Elise
After 7 years of being self conscience about my ears I can now have my hair short without the worry of other people looking at my earlobes. My days of long hats and headscaves are over and now only my earrings get noticed
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Claudette Elise nice flat ears
How the idea of non invasive sticky out ear correction began

Two General Motors admin staff were sharing a table for lunchbreak one Tuesday in November 1999. A younger male technician passing their table, he made a comment about Dumbo and Big ears then disappeared with his can of Pepsi. This chance remark was to start what is now Outsmart ear correction treatment.

Both Tony and Abigail had prominent sticking out ears, but had never talked about it openly to themselves or others. This is often the case with embarrassing conditions, people will avoid others with the same problem for fear of being noticed together and compounding it.

They discussed how having these ears had affected their lives and what could be done to bring an end to the problem. Tony and Abigail were to become very close friends through their need to help each other, their collaboration started a new idea to fix the problem and make it easy and cost effective for anyone with big ears to correct their look without the need for surgical operation or hospital visits. We now share with you a simple method to make your ears stick closer in nearer your head.

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A quick and easy way to make your ears not stick out. A two phase method one of which can be used on the day you receive your information, without having to go to visit your doctor or medical center.

Plus follow our advanced plan for a fast way to have permanent flattened ears that look normal and small. Your hearing quality will not change and only the largest of earrings are not recommended for the first 3 to 4 months.

Outsmart do not sell medication or pills. There are companies that promote ear correction with medication or steroids with no scientific back- up to show these actually work. Our formula is drug free.
I am a big stick out ears survivor. I went through school and 22 years in customer services with the feeling of low self esteem. I had used head bands for chamoflage, long curly wigs and even ear muffed hats to hide my ears in the past.

One of the main reasons that I wanted to investigate the Outsmart ear correction methods was the low cost and usability, being able to do it in the privacy of my own home.

I did not want to have stitches around my face or ear area nor have to stay in hospital overnight for this. I can say that i'm pleased with the resulting flatter ears.

Although my ear size has remained the same, they look smaller to me and those nasty remarks about me looking like a jug seem to have gone away
Flat smooth ears suit me
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